A HydraFacial can help you look your best by cleansing and rejuvenating your facial skin. We proudly offer this therapeutic skin treatment at our facility and want to give you what the League City folks have been raving about.

Our HydraFacial Technology

The HydraFacial technology that we use can cleanse, hydrate and exfoliate skin on a deeper level and may give you better results than a standard facial. Using a handheld device, one of our staff members will work to eliminate any oiliness or skin congestion that might be contributing to acne breakouts. Enlarged pores, brown spots and fine lines and wrinkles can also be minimized with a HydraFacial. You’ll likely notice better skin elasticity, firmness, and tone following your treatment.


• Multi-action treatment
• No needles or knives are used
• Treatment can make you look fresher and younger


How long does a HydraFacial session take to be completed?
Most sessions can be completed in as little as 30 minutes.

How long do results last?
Your skin can look its best after four to six treatments that are spaced two to four weeks apart. You may then return for subsequent treatments whenever your skin needs to be rejuvenated.

What does a session feel like?
Our HydraFacial technology is designed to be comfortable and nonirritating to the skin. You’ll likely feel like someone is stroking a cool paintbrush over your face while undergoing treatment.

Our premier medical spa is the place to go for a HydraFacial all League City residents can appreciate. Contact us today to find out our current appointment availability.